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Culture of Theog

Theog, a beautiful town located between five Ghats. It has all the essence of Himachal Pradesh which pours out in the traditions, etiquettes of people and their culture. If you are a tourist, you will love the warmth given by these people and their friendly nature. Theog is not only famous for its music and dance, but also the summer festival organized here is quite popular.

People of Theog

The main languages spoken in Theog are Pahari and Hindi. People here have  growing vegetables as their main occupation and this has made Theog one of the top vegetable produces all over Asia.  They grow capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes and cabbage. They also grow fruits which include apricots, apples, cherries and peaches.

Culture of Theog

Women here are equally educated like other men and they help to run their house by supporting their men in day to day activities. Theog also has given some famous political leaders  to state politics which includes Mrs. Vidya Stokes and Mr. Rakesh Verma . Also a large number of people from this region is serving the country by joining either army of police.s army, transport, police and education.

Music in Theog

Theog is one of the major contributors in pahari folk music. The famous song writer belonging to Theog is  Laiq Ram Rafiq. Other eminent pahari folk singers are Shyam Singta,  Kishan Verma, Dr Mahinder Rathore, Kuldeep Sharma and Dr Mohan Rathore. Theog also has a production house  known as 'Royal Apple Picture.  The first local pahari film was made in 2010and was named 'Theogo Ra Gappu'.

Dance Forms in Theog

Theog has locals dancing for every  occasion and festivals. However their dance form is  enjoyable and fun but little complicated at the same time. These dance forms generally reflects the tribal life culture and traditions. Some of the dance forms like Dharveshi, Dulshol, Drodi, Rakshas Nritya, Dev Naritya, Lasa, Dangi, Nagas and Nati are danced all over the region. The other noted dances are:

The Naga Kayang Dance

This dance is performed by making movements like a snake. Generally it is performed by by young men and women. The Herki Kayang is a dance form on similar lines but is comparatively faster and this dance form is danced mostly on romantic occasions.

Cholamba Dance

It is  a form of tribal dance which  is performed on the occasion of death of a tiger. This dance is performed by encircling a dead tiger after removing his skin and placing a gold ornament on his nose.

Shabboo Dance

This dance is performed generally during festivals. This dance form reflects the culture and traditions of the local people of Theog.

The Mala (garland) Dance

Culture of Theog

This dance form is performed by locals dressed beautifully. This dance form involves dancers to weave their arms together to make a kind of a criss cross like pattern. Thus the name mala dance, as the dancers look like beads woven in a garland. Before the start of this dance, they drink chhang  which is nothing but a rice brew.

Keekali Dance

It is a dance of performed by young girls by holding each other’s hand  crosswise and then they rotate themselves  swiftly on their toes.

Festivals in Theog

People in Theog are very enthusiastic about celebrating every festival. All the festivals including deepwaali, holi and navratri  are celebrated with all fun and frolic and traditions. Mahashivratri is also celebrated in a spectacular manner.

Mahashivratri is celebrated in Phalguna i.e. feburary by worshipping lord shiva. This festival is looked upon by aged people as it is believed to be adding one more year to their life. Paja sticks are tied for worshipping purposes. Pakwan is made in every house on mahashivratri. Theog follws a very old and famous tradition where pakwans are put into a Kilta. This pakwan is then carried to all relatives house and to the houses of their married daughters. Also, he folk songs are sung on the auspicious occasion adds to the fun of this festival. These songs praises lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Fairs in Theog

Theog is very poular for its fairs, especially the Summer festival for which it is renowned in the state as well. Deewali Fair, Karyala fair, Bhishu fair are some of the famous fairs of Theog.

The Summer Festival in Theog

Summer holds a lot of importance for people of Theog. This festival is to celebrate and welcome summer after the harsh winters. This festival also serves to offer prayers to nature to give a better harvest in the coming year. It is during this festival where you would see all the locals decorating their house.

This festival brings you a taste of the rich culture of Theog and glorifies the beauty of this Tourist can enjoy by participating in cultural and sports programs organized at the festival. They can have fun mingling with the locals in Theog and also have a look at the dances performed by the locals. A lot of time celebrities are also invited for performing entertaining shows such as music , dance, comedy and magic.

It is organized every year in summer May - June  period. It is during this season, that theog witnesses greenery all over due to the waeather. The main market area of the town is mostly the place where all the events and cultural programmes of this festival takes place. You can just walk and reach the market place from your hotel. Auto rickshaws are also available to reach the market

The culture of Theog is so rich and beautiful and is renowned in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a must to visit this place to have a feel of the state in case you are making a trip to Shimla.

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