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History of Theog

Theog, a beautiful, scenic small town in Shimla district is located amidst 5 ghats and that is the beauty of this place. This stunning place with picturesque valleys and Himalaya mountains is an ideal place if you looking forward to a relaxing holiday. However you will have the option to do everything in this place including shopping, Adventure with awesome view of the Himalayas. Apart from that, Theog also has a history worth to know about.

History of Theog

Historical Aspects of Theog

Theog, which is a small town close Shimla, has a history of inhabitation by the pre-historic men which was about 2 million years ago. Archeological evidences also shows later Indus Valley civilization from 2250 and 1750 BC.

Theog was ruled by Sankar Varma, the Kashmir King. Theog was then invaded Mahmud Ghazni followed by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was  a Rajput king. This territory was also conquered by the Mughals. However, the Gorkhas slowly began to conquer this area by constructing forts around Shimla under the leadership of Amar Singh Thapa.

In the early 18th century, Theog was seized by the British which drove the Anglo-Gorkhas war. The Gorkhas could not conquer the mighty British forces and the entire area was taken over by British. However, Theog made a lot of progress during the British rule.

List of Theog Rulers

Theog was ruled by the following:
  • Kashmir King Sankar Varma
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  • Mahmud Ghazni
  • Mughals
  • Amar Singh Thapa
  • Gorkhas
  • British

After independence, on 25 January, 1971 Himachal Pradesh Act was declared which recognized Shimla as one of its district and Theog being one its town.

Thakurs of Theog

Theog Also Has A History Of Ruling By The Thakurs. The Ancestry Of These Thakurs Is Still Present In Theog With Present Thakur Being Thakur Krishan Chand, Since 10th August 1962. The Ancestry Of Thakurs Is As Follows
  • Thakur Bhup Chand, (1847/1866)
  • Thakur Hari Chand, ( 1866/1892)
  • Thakur Shumsher Chand, ( 1892/1909)
  • Thakur Padam Chand, ( 1909/1940)
  • Thakur Karan Chand, ( 1940/196)
  • Thakur Krishan Chand , ( Present Thakur )
Theog is small place with a brief history. Enjoy your stay in this small beautiful town.

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